Quarantine Reports Questions and Answers


Q:  I am receiving these Quarantine reports from the Webmaster.  Can I adjust the settings on this so that it does not capture all/some of my messages? 

A:  To adjust your settings on the Quarantine report, please log into webmail at http://webmail.maranatha.net with your email address and password.  Once you are logged in, please go to Settings then Anti-Spam. 

Here, you can adjust the settings level of spam recieved.  You may choose the power of your spam blocker to be Disabled,  Normal, Strong, or Extreme. 


You may also choose what type of spam that you want or not want blocked.  Check off the categories you feel you do not want to view and will be blocked: Custom, Hoax, Adult, Patterns, Goods, Health, Money and Miscellaneous.  Each of these categories has a help box next to it for further explanation.  See below for example: (You cannot perform these actions here, but please go directly to your webmail and make your changes there).

Filter these categories:


Once a message is detained, you can also choose what will happen to it:

When a message is filtered: 

Q:  Can I also adjust my virus control settings?

A:  You may go to your webmail at http://webmail.maranatha.net, enter your username and password there, and go to Settings and Anti-Virus.  Because the system will protect itself against viruses, you cannot override certain settings, but you can define how you would like to be notified.  Please see below...note how "When a message is filtered" is locked.  This protects your computer and all of our users from Viruses. You may check the box below that to recieve notification when a virus has been quarantined, and also choose to let your sender know.

  When a message is filtered: 



Q:  How do I add someone to my trusted list so they stop getting caught in my quarantine report?

A:  Once you log into webmail, go again to Settings and Whitelist.  Here you can add email addresses so that they will be allowed through. 

Q:  How do I block an email address that is somehow getting through?

A.  Go to Settings and Blacklist.  Here you can block unwanted mail from coming through.

Q:  What do I do if someone I trust sends me an attachment but it gets detained as a forbidden attachment?

A:  The best thing to do is have your friend convert the file to a zip file.  You can help on your end by adding your friend to the trusted sender list.  Once this is done, try resending, and the attachment should come through fine.

Q:  Can I change the settings on Forbidden Attachments? 

A:  Because attachments can be very destructive to our servers and your computer, the option to stop detaining them is locked by us.  But, you can have special notifications sent to your sender and to you so that you are aware that it is being detained.  Go to your webmail and click on Settings and Attachments.  You will see the following:

  When a message is filtered: 

  Forbidden attachments:


Q:  Under settings in webmail there is a section for rules - can I use this to stop Spam?
A:  Yes you can, but be careful with the way you set them up.  Rules are meant to help you sort your mail into folders if you use webmail.  Most email clients like outlook express, have similar rules.  These were not meant to stop spam, but if you tell the system to automatically discard emails with certain properties this will work.  But be warned that the rules will work even if you have whitelisted the sender.  For instance you may get lots of spam with the word "gift".  If you set up a rule to discard all these emails and then your friend sends you an email with the word "gifted" in the subject line - it will be discarded as well.
Q:  What is a forbidden attachment?
A:  Every computer file has a 3 letter file extension.  For instance .doc is a Word file, .xls is an Excel file and so on.  Some files can run by themselves without you having the software on your machine, such as .exe or .com files which are executable or program files.  There are others as well, such as .pif or .scn.  When hackers and virus producers send out files that will damage your machine they normally send them out as one of these types of files.  Because these files can potentially do a lot of damage, our system will put that message into Quarantine and not allow you to receive it.  In some rare instances, you may actually want to receive this type of file.  In that case, please check with the sender that they are in fact trying to send you one of these forbidden attachments and ask them to zip it first.

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