Web Hosting FAQ's

Q:  Who do I call for technical support on my website?

A:  Please call 1-866-355-8897 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:30 pm, EST or email admin@IFSIS.com .

Q: How long does it take to transfer or register my domain?

A:  Typically, registering a domain takes 1-3 business days.  When transferring a domain, this process can take anywhere between 1-5 business days.

Q: How can I check to see if my domain has been registered or transferred?

A: You can check to see if your domain has been registered or transferred, in one of two ways. You can check via your web browser by going to http://www.yourdomainname or if you have not yet posted anything to your site, in Windows: Click on the Start Button.

Click on Run - Type cmd and click OK.

A black window will appear.

Type ping www.yourdomainname

If you see the following message and your IP Address (the number following your domain name) matches the number shown here, (or possibly another IP address you received from us) then the name has been transferred. (Note that n is a number whose value depends on the hosting requirements).

Pinging www.yourdomainname [69.63.136.n] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from 69.63.136.n: bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128

Reply from 69.63.136.n: bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128

Reply from 69.63.136.n: bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128

Reply from 69.63.136.n: bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=128

If you see your old IP Address or receive any of the following messages:

Bad IP address www.yourdomainname


Pinging www.yourdomainname [69.63.136.n] with 32 bytes of data:

Request timed out.

Request timed out.

Request timed out.

Request timed out.

This typically means that your name has not yet transferred.  If your domain transfer takes longer than 5 days, please contact us immediately at admin@IFSIS.com so that we can double check on the process.

Q: How can I lookup my Domain Name Information?

A: There are many different tools available on the web to view the whois database, We usually use the whois lookup at one of the domain name registrars: from a web browser you can access the whois lookup, type in your domain name and you will be presented with the details of your account. We use OpenSRS for our domain name services and the URL to their site is:


Q: What are your nameserver details?

A: A nameserver is the place where everybody else goes to lookup the address of your website or mail server.If you register or control your own domain you need to make sure the registrar points your domain at our nameservers.


ns1.hostmanager.net, IP address:

ns2.hostmanager.net, IP address:

Q: How soon can I start posting information on my website? 

A: This depends on how you intend to post your site.  If you use ftp then you can start posting information on your website as soon as you receive a confirmation e-mail that the configuration of your site has been completed. You will receive your ftp TCP/IP address on our webserver.You can use this address in place of your domain for ftp access.You will not be able to see your site in a browser until DNS propagation is finished.This normally takes 1 to 3 days.

Q: How do I publish information to my Website?

A: You can publish information in many ways.  Listed below are some of the most common.

 FTP - File Transfer Protocol

 Although you can use any FTP program we recommend Total Commander for ease of use.

1) Download Total Commander from http://www.ghisler.com and install it on your PC.

2) Configure Total Commander to connect to the IP address we provided in your confirmation notice with the username and password that you provided on the signup form.  Click on the FTP icon and choose new connection. The following 4 fields must be filled in as follows:

Session:Any name you care to use eg.My Website

Host:ftp.yourdomain or the IP address we give you.

UserName:You obtain this from us

Password:You obtain this from us

Click on OK and then connect.


The actual transfer of files is self explanatory.


1) Click on File

2) Click on Open Front Page Web

3) Click on the More Webs button.

4) Type your ip address in the box below Select a Web Server or Disk Location

5) Click on List Webs

6) Click on OK

 You should now be able to create a Front page Web Site.  For more information on using Microsoft Front Page go the Microsoft Front Page Web Site.

Q: What are the default display files on the web server? 

A: default.htm, default.html and default.asp and if you have an account that supports ColdFusion index.cfm

Q: Who sets up and controls the email accounts at my domain?

A: Each of our Domain Hosted clients has chosen a representative from their company who is responsible for the creation, deletion and settings associated with your email accounts.  If you are that person and need instructions, then please send an email to admin@IFSIS.com telling us to make you the site administrator.  Please give us contact details and tell us the domain name and the email address you are using or would like to use.  We will set this up for you and send you instructions.

Q: How do I set up my email?

A: There are step-by-step instructions on our tech support pages. Please refer to the FAQs e-mail section .

Q: How do I add additional email accounts?

A: Your account administrator can do this for you. This is the person at your domain who is responsible for administering your domains email accounts.

Q: Can I use numbers in my password?

A: Yes, you can use numbers in your password.

Q: What is Webtrends and how do I access my WebTrends Reports?

A: WebTrends is one of the most advanced Log File analysis programs available on the Internet. It allows you to see all of the users that accessed your web site, what was seen, how long they were there, what search engine they came from, and a wealth of additional information.

 To access your WebTrends Reports,

 1) Point your web browser to http://reports.yourdomainname.com

2) Login with your username and Password

Q: Do I automatically have WebTrends Reports enabled for my site?

A: No.You need to ask us (by emailing admin@IFSIS.com) to turn on this option and you also need to be subscribed to one of our plans that offer Webtrends as an option.

Q: What do I need to do in order to enable FrontPage server extensions?

A: Please contact and notify us that you would like FrontPage enabled on your account at 1-866-355-8897 or email admin@IFSIS.com.

Q: How do I publish my web site using FrontPage?

A: It is advisable to create your web site (or, Web as it is called in FrontPage) locally on your computer. To do this use "localhost" for the Web Server Name. The header of your page should then be http://localhost/webname.

Make sure to name your home page default.htm.

When you are done creating your new Web, open Explorer, select File/Copy Web menu, and put in your location www.yourdomain.xxx

For the web name, select "Root Web". Select Add to an Existing Web, as your "Root Web" was already created, when you setup the virtual server. Enter your UserID and Password when prompted. This is necessary for protecting your server from unauthorized editing. After that your entire Web will be copied to the virtual server into your www root directory.

Q: Can I use FrontPage and FTP to upload files to the same directory?

A: The FrontPage Publish command uses HTTP to communicate with the Web server. This command will not transfer the local FrontPage Server Extension files to the target server.

When using an FTP application, it is important to transfer only the content files from the originating web server. Do not FTP any _vti _* directories or files containing FrontPage active elements, forms, etc. If these directories or files are transferred, they will overwrite the existing files on the target server, which will lead to incorrect functioning of FrontPage extensions. If you do this, you need to re-upload your entire web using FrontPage, or repair the extensions on your virtual server - please contact admin@IFSIS.com .

There is a "rule of thumb" for working with FrontPage webs - if you created a sub-web or folder using FrontPage, delete it using FrontPage commands - either Delete FrontPage Web, or Delete Folder. Never use FTP to delete content published with FrontPage.

Q: Why can't I delete a directory that the FTP server shows as being empty?

A: This happens because you have hidden directories under the directory you are trying to delete. FrontPage Server extensions create the next tree of system or hidden directories under each web or sub-web root:












Plus, there is a hidden _vti_cnf directory in every content folder. When you remove a sub-web using FrontPage client, not all the files can be deleted right away because some Front Page ISAPI DLLs are loaded by the web server into memory. These directories will be eventually deleted by the system when IIS releases the lock. If you deleted several FrontPage folders using FTP and your FrontPage web is not accessible please contact admin@IFSIS.com and ask to have your FrontPage extensions repaired.



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